Dental veneers can enhance your smile value

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  Cosmetic dental treatments aim at restoring discolored, stained, unsightly, mal-aligned, chipped and damaged teeth which become the reason for decreasing the attraction of your smiles. People wish to have whiter and brighter teeth in order to achieve beautiful smiles. Chandler dentists are providing state of the art cosmetic treatments to patients visiting their clinics Read More

How can you safely maintain whiter and brighter teeth?

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  Recent era of dentistry has been marked by advancements and popularity regarding dental cosmetic procedures among majority of people around the globe. People are willing to spend large sums of money in order to achieve whiter and brighter teeth for producing lively and charming smiles. A brighter smile helps in boosting your confidence during Read More

Harmful effects of excessive intake of refined carbohydrates and synthetic sugars

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  Dental caries or dental decay is considered to be a chronic infectious disease involving the de-mineralization of tooth minerals in addition to the disintegration of tooth proteins. The whole process when advances above a certain stage results in the formation of distinct tooth cavities further harbouring microorganisms and can spread to involve adjacent teeth Read More

Extra white teeth can also ruin your smile value

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  Nowadays people have become extremely conscious regarding the quality of their smiles. They wish to have snow white teeth in order to produce charming and attractive glowing smile. Studies have shown that television advertisements and magazine pages showing extra whiteness of teeth have played an important role in this regard. Dental health care professionals Read More

Excessive sports drink consumption can lead to pathological tooth loss

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  Sports drinks have been increasing in demand for the past decade and people have become addicted to their use whether they perform exercise and physical activities regularly or merely on weekends. People have made it their habit to consume energy drinks several times in a day and they always express the feeling of fullness Read More

Educate your patients about root canal treatment procedure

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  Root canal therapy basically aims at saving an inflamed, infected and decayed natural tooth which cannot be restored through the provision of dental fillings. When dental caries spreads through the dentinal portion of tooth structure involving the vital pulp tissues, it becomes necessary to perform thorough cleaning and disinfection of the root canals followed Read More

Seniors require preventive dental health care

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  Old age is itself a major risk factor for general and oral health disorders. With increasing age, one’s defences against microorganisms are weakened. Dental caries especially root surface caries prevalence increases with aging. Another common manifestation of aging is decreased salivary secretion and flow rate. Salivary flow helps in clearance of food debris and Read More

Merits and demerits associated with teeth whitening procedures

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  Aesthetic dentistry procedures have gained popularity in the recent decade. People want to get whiter and brighter teeth in order to enhance their facial profile and smile value. Teeth whitening and bleaching procedures are in demand especially among celebrities and people working in the lime light. Cosmetic dentistry has established itself as an equally Read More

How should I brush my teeth?

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  Regular tooth brushing and use of dental floss ensure meticulous oral hygiene maintenance. However, most people complain of poor oral hygiene and bad breath in spite of performing twice daily tooth brushing with a good quality tooth brush and dentist prescribed tooth paste. They suffer from bleeding swollen gums and discolored teeth. People lack Read More